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Noel Collier Group - Living Room Ideas
Noel Collier Group - Kitchen Design Ideas
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Noel Collier Group - Bedroom Ideas
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Noel Collier Group - Living Room
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Noel Collier

Welcome toNoel Collier Group

Noel Collier stands as a preeminent figure in the realm of luxury real estate in Houston and its surrounding areas, driven by a profound dedication to enriching lives beyond the realm of property transactions.

While her passion lies in finding families their dream homes, Collier remains unwaveringly committed to her core values and deep-rooted ties to her native Texas. A proud alumna of Texas Southern University, she embodies the ethos of "Excellence and Achievement" not merely as a motto but as a guiding principle ingrained in her very being as a mother, wife, daughter, real estate agent, and community beacon.

Before venturing full-time into the world of real estate, Collier forged an illustrious career in software sales at renowned corporations like ADP and Wolters Kluwer. There, she not only consistently surpassed targets but also served as a mentor to aspiring professionals, earning accolades and awards that underscored her unwavering work ethic and unwavering commitment.

In 2019, Collier embraced the challenge of balancing dual careers as a real estate agent, devoted wife, and loving mother to three cherished children. Bolstered by her unshakeable faith and unwavering familial support, she made the bold leap to dedicate herself entirely to real estate, birthing the esteemed Noel Collier Group. Over the past three years, Collier has surpassed her loftiest aspirations, exceeding benchmarks in families served and real estate transactions. Her ability to empathize and connect with others while delivering unparalleled results stands as one of her most formidable assets.

Beyond her stellar achievements in real estate, Collier devotes her time to quarterly volunteer efforts, sponsoring nonprofit organizations devoted to serving those in the greater Houston area. Noel Collier's innate ability to forge genuine connections with people is a gift from above. Fueled by an unwavering passion to uplift others, she has ascended to the ranks of Houston's foremost professionals and entrepreneurs.

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Noel Collier
AgentP: 832.720.7723[email protected]
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“Noel helped me buy my first house at just under market value. Her knowledge of the neighborhood, market trends, and construction quality is her superpower.”


“Knowing how attached owners can be to their homes is one of the things that makes Noel such a gem. She had a selling plan that highlighted all the work I’d put into my house. In the end, I was very satisfied and felt that I could let go more easily.”


“Somehow, Noel manages to be both a caretaker and a rockstar negotiator.”

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